Taste Paradise: Taste like Paradise?

My parents had been wanting to take my grandparents out for dim sum since last week, but Taste Paradise in ION had a long queue and we had to wait for 2h for a seat! The plan was delayed until now, and we were smarter this time around and made a reservation.


Fancy-looking menu to match the fancy price


Obligatory taro puff, since me and my mom love taro puffs.


I like cheong fun with prawns or char siew better…


This vermecelli was fragrant with enough wok hei. Approved!


Dunno how this one fare against Tim Ho Wan, but this bun got an approval from Mom.


Not sure what to say about this bun. Wasn’t warm and runny enough for me.


Forgettable siew mai.


Grandma loves asparagus, so this one is for her. She seemed to enjoy it.


XO Carrot Cake, exactly what it is.


Recently I am in beancurd skin-love mode. This one wasn’t bad, but I had much better ones.


I am a fan of chives. Thumbs up!


Fun to snack on. Salt and pepper seldom go wrong.


This dessert is AWESOME. Highly recommended!


Very gimmicky with dry ice under the bowl. Had a taste and I thought it was a good palate cleanser.

There was also Xiao Long Bao, but I did not took a picture as it was gone as soon as it landed on the table (Grandpa loves Xiao Long Bao).

…okay that was an exaggeration, but was not so far from the truth!

And so we all went home with a satisfied stomach. Happily ever after – end of story! 😀

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