Cheng Du Fragant Hot Pot – EXTRA SPICY… or is it?

We were at Vivocity after watching Pacific Rim (which I thought was just so-so, but maybe I had too high of an expectations since so many people were raving about it).

Anyway, Vivocity was crowded as usual and the food court (Food Republic) was impossible to get seats. Free ones were the reserved for the mini restaurants. One of them had fragrant hot pot and we were fans of fragrant hot pot, so we went there.

Supposedly this one is the same as 313@Somerset, but here, you tick the ingredients you want from the list instead of picking them at the counter.

Our side dish, stir fried potato came first.

Modest Meal

So-called “stir fried potato”. We all agreed that it tasted like stir fried turnip (lol)

ANYWAY! Since there wasn’t visual aid on the menu, we were quite puzzled when this arrived. I thought it was just the look that was deceiving and after I put it into my mouth…

…there was no way it was potato! Didn’t remotely taste like one! x_x

And the star of the show! YUM YUM YUM!

Moar Hotpot!

Delicious – though it was not spicy enough!

We picked pork belly, sliced dory, lotus root, chinese cabbage, beancurd skin and beancurd – on extra hot. It came out amazing! I dare say it was much better than the 313 counterpart! But seriously – this, extra hot? Puh-leez. Not sure if they got the order wrong or they lowered their ‘hot’ standard. The first time I ate in 313 branch I recalled it was much hotter and more numbing than this 🙁

Overall, still a satisfying meal!

Food Republic @ Vivo City
Vivo City Level 3 (next to Sentosa Express Monorail)
1 Harbour Front Walk
Singapore 098585

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