Skinny Pizza: Making Wallet Skinny

Watched Grown Ups 2 in Great World City (which you should watch if you like pee jokes). After the movie, we decided to get a bite at the nearby Skinny Pizza.

Is that a DVD

Looks like junk on a table to me, to be honest!

The decor on the table is very… rustic. Especially that DVD casing, which I found to be very tacky.

Ahi Taki Salad

Actually it came with raisins, but we asked it to be separated.

Ahi Taki Salad is surprisingly pretty awesome! The tuna tastes smoky and tasty!

The English Breakfast

Yummy-looking pizza!

Anddd here comes the main course *drumrolls* The English Breakfast Pizza! Not sure how much I liked the bacon, didn’t taste nor look too fresh to my liking.

Overall, it was a great meal, but with the bill coming up to over $50 for a meal for two, I am not sure if it’s worth the price!

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