Dôme – Coffee with an Accent

This week we watched RIPD. I am joining the general consensus that it is a boring and uninspiring movie. Jeff Bridges is cool in the movie, though!

We hang out at Dôme in Atrium@Dhoby Gaut after the movie.

Coffee Time!

Flat white – I was introduced flat white by my brother!

My Flat White was allright, I had better ones. Forgettable.

Ice Chocolate with Gelato

Mmmm… Float!

Mushroom Soup

I did not had this, but it looks decent!

Classic Caesar Salad

We had been missing exercise sessions so I ordered Caesar Salad to share for a healthier pick (original pick was french fries)!

I was excited over this Caesar Salad because I saw the photo in the menu and noticed it had BLACK OLIVES! It was pretty good – we ordered plain but I reckon it would be much better with chicken. We were so full so we didn’t order the meats.

The seat was so comfortable that we sat until closing time. We had a great time!

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