Bornga – Home Away from Home

Googled “Best Korean BBQ Singapore” and Bornga came up. I am still on quest to look for a Korean BBQ place that can beat Sydney Madang which is the reigning champion of Korean BBQ in my heart!

Moar Korean BBQ

Quest for Great KBBQ Continues!

I did not take pictures of every single things that came to the table. I recall them giving us some soup-thing at the start of the meal.

The banchan comes in HUGE plates!

Simply Salad

Lettuce Salad

Radish Kimchi

Tasted like kimchi and looked radish – so I call it Radish Kimchi!


Tasted seasoned and looked like leek, so… Seasoned Leek : |

You don’t get your usual straw woven basket of veggies here, you get one LONG plate! I doubt any normal eater can finish all those greens!

Lotsa Veggies

One long plate of lettuce!

We also order few side dishes to go with the BBQ:

Seafood Pancake

Tasted like Sio Bee (Teo Chew variation of Siew Mai). I can’t explain it!

Seafood pancake tasted like Sio Bee from my hometown. I don’t really mean it in a good way, sadly.

Jap Chae

Disappointing Jap Chae.

The Jap Chae was too peppery for my taste. Disappointing.

I ordered the pork belly and marinated pork loin. Did not really take picture of the marinated pork sadly (we were too hungry!).

Grill It!

The guys actually grill it for us… I like grilling it myself!

The taste was a letdown. My Dad’s comment was that the marinated pork tasted like bak kwa, which I couldn’t really argue with (rofl). The pork belly didn’t leave much impression on me.

They gave some desert-soup-thing at the end of the meal, too. Reminiscence of a berry-based palate cleanser I had in some fine-dining establishment.

I had high expectation of it, but this one fell short. Considering how big the chain is (or so I thought when I Googled them up), I was looking forward to a good meal (maybe average at worst), but wow, I am starting to doubt my tongue. I was a bit amused that some of the dishes tasted like some things I would get in my home town, considering the name is “Bornga”, which probably meant “Home” (“Home” as in your place of origin, that is).

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