#GetKnotty Social Campaign

Pizza Hut
Art Direction


Pizza Hut is an international pizza restaurant and delivery.

Pizza Hut was launching a Christmas-theme pizza and we were given a challenge to come up with a social campaign that could get the internet excited about the new pizza, as well as increasing overall fan engagement with the brand across the social media platform.

I worked in this campaign with Account Executives, Social Media Executive, Designers as well as external photographer, being in charge with art direction and overall look and feel of the campaign.


Around Christmas, the competition was fierce as there were many other food brands and companies coming up with their own Christmas seasonal items. Our challenge was to find a way to cut through the noise and make Pizza Hut’s new pizza stood out from the competitions.


We questioned ourselves on how to generate buzz around the new pizza and sustains Pizza Hut’s social media fans’ interest. We brainstormed on the interests of millenials, which we set as our primary target audience, and ways that we could tie that to the new Christmas Pizza.


We created a naughty elf character, called "Knotty", an elusive naughty Christmas Elf that served as mascot of a Knotty Crust Pizza. Knotty took over Pizza Hut Facebook page for the duration of the campaign. Accompanying post copy in Pizza Hut was also made as though it was written by the character.


We first teased the fans by announcing a new, upcoming deliver service by Pizza Hut where they have the option to have their pizzas to be delivered by hunks. Nearing to the product announcement date, we revealed that it was just a prank by Prankster Elf Extraordinaire, Knotty.


To sustain the campaign, for the whole month of November to December, we launch various posts and little contest with the theme of catching the naughty elf, Knotty, each utilising Facebook media capability. Keeping in mind that social media audience has a short attention span, we made our mini-games and post as simple as possible.


There is no Christmas complete without a feast. For Instagram, we set up the ultimate Christmas Pizza Feast which image was split into 12 posts, with 3 posted per day, each day containing one contest.