SP Group Website Revamp

SP Group
UI Design


SP Group is a utility company with a strong presence in Asia Pacific region.

In 2016, Singapore Power was undergoing rebranding exercise and we were entrusted to give the website a new, fresher image that could reflect the values of SP Group and its many business units.

In this project, I worked with an Art Director, Front End Developer, Back End Developer, Project Manager, Account Manager as well as the Client to design and oversee UI development of the website.


As SP Group business units are very diverse, the needs of every business units varied greatly as well. The website also serves a large audience and it was a challenge to find who our main target user was going to be.

With over 200 pages to organise, we thought of removing content clutters of website. However, we later found out that in a large organisation, content ownership was not as simple as what we thought to be.

In addition, the previous site contain many external components from various vendors that needed to be adapted to the new site, each with their own sets of limitations.


We conducted UX research in the form of interview and card-sorting with end-users and client to identify their pain points. With the data, we reorganised the flow and sitemap of the website to create an easily navigable website.


Our main design goal was to create a consistent design language and flow throughout the site. For the overall look, we adhered closely to the new branding in terms of colour and typeface.

We also focused on creating a clean, modern and consistent look to portray SP Group as a unified entity. For this reason, we created modules and components that each business units are able to use to craft their respective pages.