Chinese New Year Greeting

Art Direction, UI Design


This project is done as an in-house project to show a quirky side of Vintedge.

To usher in year of the monkey, we decided to do a bit of monkeying around ourselves. As a tongue-in-cheek joke, to celebrate the age of phone-engrossed society and the spirit of Chinese New Year togetherness, we created a simple game where friends and relatives could play together in anti-social harmony.

I was in charge of overall Art Direction and UI Design, working closely with Front End Developer.


Without any incentives in playing the game, the game had to be self-explanatory enough to hook players. Game mechanics were also made to be as simplistic as possible but still fun to play.


On first landing, user is greeted by series of image as part of onboarding process. We used hilarious copy and image with minimal text.

We tried to cut down the number of screens that user needed to get through in order to start playing. We tried to find ways to uncomplicate room joining process.